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More Highlights for Nick Pond


    Cribbage players travel to Raleigh, North Carolina to compete in the annual National Cribbage Tournament – the world’s largest cribbage event.

    Nick Pond, former WRAL Sports director/anchor and avid cribbage player, formed the American Cribbage Congress and national tournament in 1973. The competition was held in the studios of WRAL-TV.

    We have two vintage stories about the tournament. The first story aired in 2013. Scott Mason, the Tar Heel Traveler, provides a bit of history about this brainy card game.

    The second video aired in 1979. WRAL News reporter Del Walters talks with WRAL Sports anchor Nick Pond explains how cribbage, a popular game at family and friend gatherings, came out of the living room to take center stage with its own tournament.

  • Nick Pond promotion

    Promotion card for WRAL-TV sportscaster Nick Pond.

  • Nick Pond interviews wrestlers

    WRAL-TV Sports anchorman Nick Pond interviews Nelson Royal and Paul Jones as part of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, which was recorded each week at WRAL-TV.

  • Joe Louis and Nick Pond

    Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Joe Louis being interviewed in WRAL-TV Studio A by Nick Pond. Louis appeared as a celebrity referee at a taping of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in the mid-1960s.

  • Nick Pond and Tom Suiter

    WRAL-TV sportscasters pose for publicity photo in the 1970s.