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Highlights for Coaches Shows

  • The Jim Valvano Show blooper

    This short video clip demonstrates that even pros like legendary WRAL sportscaster Nick Pond can get tongue tied.

    The early version of The Jim Valvano Show was taped in Studio A at WRAL-TV. The campus of NCSU is located across the street from WRAL which made it convenient for NCSU coaches and athletes. During this taping, Pond finds himself struggling to say “NAIA” while referring to the division below NCAA. He finally gives up. Valvano takes it in stride with a simple whistle. The director fades to black so they can regroup and record the segment again.

    Circa 1982.

  • Nick Pond promotion

    Promotion card for WRAL-TV sportscaster Nick Pond.

  • The Norm Sloan Show – NCSU basketball

    “The Norm Sloan Show” with WRAL-TV Sports Anchor Nick Pond and NCSU Basketball Coach Norm Sloan. December 29, 1974.

  • Nick Pond and Coach Sloan

    Sports Director Nick Pond interviewing NCSU coach Norman Sloan