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More Highlights for Nick Pond


    Cribbage players travel to Raleigh, North Carolina to compete in the annual National Cribbage Tournament – the world’s largest cribbage event.

    Nick Pond, former WRAL Sports director/anchor and avid cribbage player, formed the American Cribbage Congress and national tournament in 1973. The competition was held in the studios of WRAL-TV.

    We have two vintage stories about the tournament. The first story aired in 2013. Scott Mason, the Tar Heel Traveler, provides a bit of history about this brainy card game.

    The second video aired in 1979. WRAL News reporter Del Walters talks with WRAL Sports anchor Nick Pond explains how cribbage, a popular game at family and friend gatherings, came out of the living room to take center stage with its own tournament.

  • The Jim Valvano Show blooper

    This short video clip demonstrates that even pros like legendary WRAL sportscaster Nick Pond can get tongue tied.

    The early version of The Jim Valvano Show was taped in Studio A at WRAL-TV. The campus of NCSU is located across the street from WRAL which made it convenient for NCSU coaches and athletes. During this taping, Pond finds himself struggling to say “NAIA” while referring to the division below NCAA. He finally gives up. Valvano takes it in stride with a simple whistle. The director fades to black so they can regroup and record the segment again.

    Circa 1982.

  • Nick Pond interviews wrestlers

    WRAL-TV Sports anchorman Nick Pond interviews Nelson Royal and Paul Jones as part of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, which was recorded each week at WRAL-TV.

  • Joe Louis and Nick Pond

    Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Joe Louis being interviewed in WRAL-TV Studio A by Nick Pond. Louis appeared as a celebrity referee at a taping of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in the mid-1960s.

  • Nick Pond and Tom Suiter

    WRAL-TV sportscasters pose for publicity photo in the 1970s.