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More Highlights for Lynda Loveland

  • FOX 50 Newscast Sept 12 2001

    This FOX 50 (WRAZ) newscast is continuing coverage of the terrorism that hit America on September 11, 2001. Most news outlets had “wall to wall” coverage for several days. This newscast is from September 12, 2001. Note that WRAZ, FOX 50 is branded as FOX 50 and not WRAL News on FOX 50. At this point, FOX 50 had a distinctively different look from WRAL. A few years later FOX 50 would air WRAL News on FOX 50.

  • WRAL News Anchor Lynda Loveland Moves From Morning to Evening

    Loveland joins co-anchor Gerald Owens for WRAL News on FOX 50 at 4 and 10 p.m. and WRAL’s 5:30 p.m. evening news Veteran WRAL News anchor Lynda Loveland moves from WRAL’s morning newscasts to join the station’s evening news team.
  • WRAL Morning News Anchors 2004 Christmas greeting

    The WRAL Morning News team is always upbeat, but around Christmas time they become jolly! Enjoy this 2004 Christmas greeting from meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner, news anchors Bill Leslie and Lynda Loveland, and traffic reporter Mark Roberts.

  • WRAL FM Grandma and the Raindeer

    Mix 101.5 Morning co-hosts Bill Jordan and Lynda Loveland celebrate the Christmas season with music and a bit of humor.

  • WRAL FM Christmas Snuggie

    Mix 101.5 Morning co-hosts Bill Jordan and Lynda Loveland exchange Christmas gifts on WRAL-FM.