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More Highlights for Frank Beall

  • Halloween with SKY 5 pilot Frank Beall

    Halloween is not just for kids! SKY 5 pilot Frank Beall and his photographer planned a little “trick or treat” surprise for WRAL weatherman Bob Debardelaben during the noon newscast.

    In this video, you will see Frank putting on his scary mask while he is flying. The viewers were not able to see this part of the action, but the microwave feed was recorded at the station. Frank and his photographer have a good laugh prior to going on the air “live” with Bob. Bob has a good laugh too. Circa 1985.

  • Helicopter rotation explained by SKY 5 pilot Frank Beall and Reporter Joe Oliver

    WRAL reporter Joe Oliver and SKY 5 pilot Frank Beall explain how a well executed auto-rotation in a helicopter can make a crash survivable. This story followed the story of a Life Flight helicopter that crashed, but all onboard survived. (1987)

  • Water skiing as seen from SKY 5

    WRAL sports photographer Jay Jennings and SKY 5 pilot Frank Beall keep up with these fabulous water skiiers doing astonishing flips, turns and churns on the water. Hold on while you watch this video produced in 1985.

  • SKY 5 The Place to Be promo

    SKY 5 and pilot Frank Beall are featured in this image promo using WRAL’s slogan “The Place to Be.” Frank flew SKY 5 from 1984 – 1987.

  • SKY 5 news promo with Frank Beall

    WRAL News promo featuring SKY 5 and pilot Frank Beall.