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More Highlights for Frank Beall

  • Helicopter rotation explained by SKY 5 pilot Frank Beall and Reporter Joe Oliver

    WRAL reporter Joe Oliver and SKY 5 pilot Frank Beall explain how a well executed auto-rotation in a helicopter can make a crash survivable. This story followed the story of a Life Flight helicopter that crashed, but all onboard survived. (1987)

  • Water skiing as seen from SKY 5

    WRAL sports photographer Jay Jennings and SKY 5 pilot Frank Beall keep up with these fabulous water skiiers doing astonishing flips, turns and churns on the water. Hold on while you watch this video produced in 1985.

  • Sports Feature on Hang Gliding

    Autumn in the North Carolina mountains provides spectacular scenery from the ground and the air. WRAL Sports Reporter/Photographer Jay Jennings and SKY 5 pilot Frank Beall give you a bird’s eye view of what it is like to hang glide around Grandfather’s Mountain. Produced October 21, 1985.

  • SKY 5 The Place to Be promo

    SKY 5 and pilot Frank Beall are featured in this image promo using WRAL’s slogan “The Place to Be.” Frank flew SKY 5 from 1984 – 1987.

  • SKY 5 news promo with Frank Beall

    WRAL News promo featuring SKY 5 and pilot Frank Beall.