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More Highlights for Paul Pope

  • CBC Trivia “Know Your School Colors”

    Paul Pope, retired VP at CBC, served in a variety of management roles. Paul graduated from North Carolina Central University in Durham. He earned his BA degree in__________? a. Communication b. History c. Art Education d. Engineering   Adele Arakawa
  • Former CBC VP Paul Pope Named Man of Year by Dayton YMCA

    Former CBC Vice President Paul Pope relocated to Ohio after his retirement, but his commitment to community service continues in his adopted new home. The YMCA of Greater Dayton recently awarded him, The Downtown YMCA Volunteer of the Year. Pope
  • Project Tanzania compilation

    Many Africans were affected by the massive drought in the early 1980’s. In 1985, a group of dedicated people from the Raleigh/Durham area went on a fact-finding trip to find an area that wanted assistance in becoming more self-sufficient. The rural Shinyanga Region was selected and Project Tanzania was born.
    WRAL-TV produced an hour-long documentary that introduced North Carolinians to the situation in Shinyanga and identified ways to help Tanzanians help themselves. This wasn’t another hand-out program, but a way to give these people a hand up to a better life.
    This video is a sampling of news reports in 1985 and 1986 about the efforts to help the people in Tanzania.
    WRAL-TV received the 1986 World Hunger Media Award for the documentary “Tanzani: A Need Beyond Hunger.”

  • Paul Pope Vice President Capitol Broadcasting Company

    Paul Pope started out working as a studio crew member at WRAL-TV. He worked for over four decades at Capitol Broadcasting and served in a variety of management positions. He retired when was a General Manager of the American Tobacco Campus and Corporate Vice President of Community Relations.

    He was a mentor to many employees. John Harris, Director of CBC Special Projects interviews Paul.

  • Paul Pope

    CBC VP of Community Relations Paul Pope.