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More Highlights for State Fair

  • Visit WRAL-TV in a Whole New Way at the State Fair

    The North Carolina State Fair is currently underway, after a year off due to the pandemic.  WRAL-TV came up with a creative way to have a presence at the beloved NC event during a time when the pandemic is still
  • 60 Years of WRAL History Came Together at State Fair

    Thousands of visitors walked through the WRAL-TV tent at the 2016 North Carolina State Fair and were treated to a history lesson about the Big 5.  WRAL-TV Promotion & Event Coordinator Debbie Tullos talked to Capcom about how the idea
  • Color. HD. State Fair.

    Many people associate the annual North Carolina State Fair with sticky cotton candy, gut wrenching deep fried food, vertigo-inducing rides, pettable goats, and parking madness. But, each year they come back for more. Capitol Broadcasting Company CEO Jim Goodmon delights
  • The State Fair and WRAL Through the Years

    The North Carolina State Fair has been around since 1853. WRAL joined the fun shortly after the station signed-on the air in the mid 1950s. Viewers have come to count on The Big 5 to cover horse shows, pig races,
  • Good Morning Charlie with guest Jimmy Dean

    “Good Morning Charlie” hosted by Charlie Gaddy. The show featured a variety of entertainment and information for viewers and a live studio audience. Country music entertainer Jimmy Dean (also famous for Jimmy Dean sausage) performed at the State Fair in Raleigh and dropped by the WRAL studios for an interview.