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More Highlights for Sam Beard

  • 1964 Election coverage on WRAL-TV

    Bill Armstrong, Sam Beard and Scottie Stephenson on set election night at WRAL-TV.

  • WRAL-TV newscast

    WRAL-TV anchorman Sam Beard, Bob Debardelaben, Bill Johnston and camera operator Bill Greene take part in newscast.

  • Sam Beard

    Former WRAL-TV News VP Sam Beard working the phone in the newsroom.

  • National Opera Showcase

    WRAL-TV News Director Sam Beard introduces the program and CEO and Founder of Capitol Broadcasting Company AJ Fletcher explains the purpose of the National Opera Company.
    Fletcher believed that opera belonged to everyone and wanted the performances in English so everyone could appreciate the entire presentation.

    The National Opera Company provided opportunities for singers/performers to further their professional careers.
    In 1965, the National Opera Company gave 55 performances in NC and other Southeastern states.

  • Election primary 72 with Sam Beard

    Anchorman Sam Beard gathers information during the 1972 NC primary election