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More Highlights for Harry Smith

  • NBC joins WRAL February 29, 2016

    NBC and WRAL-TV reunited on February 29, 2016. The big switch from CBS to NBC occurred at 7:00 AM with NBC’s long running program “TODAY.” Viewers were able to watch the historic moment as Jim Goodmon, CEO of Capitol Broadcasting, pushed the button labeled with the NBC “peacock” logo on the video switcher in WRAL’s master control room.

    Watch this WRAL news story by reporter Brian Shrader to find out why WRAL decided to reunite with NBC after several decades. WRAL signed on in December 1956 as an NBC affiliate. In 1962 WRAL opted to leave NBC and join ABC. The ABC relationship lasted until 1985 when WRAL became an affiliate with CBS. WRAL and NBC are united once again.