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More Highlights for Bette Elliot

  • Bette Elliott

    Femme Fare host enjoying a moment at WRAL-TV 10th anniversary open house in 1966.

  • Bette Elliott greets guests

    Femme Fare host greets guests at WRAL-TV 10th anniversary celebration.

  • Bette Elliott

    Femme Fare host in 1960s staff photo

  • Femme Fare models

    Models posing for Femme Fare television show. Host Bette Elliott always featured the latest fashions on her signature program.

  • Fort Bragg reporters on Femme Fare

    Every week reporters from Fort Bragg would appear on Femme Fare to bring viewers military news. L-R: Private Paul Michels and Sergeant Bill Altman in a December 1966 photo.