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More Highlights for WRAL TV

  • WRAL-TV News Live with Hurricane Florence Continuous Coverage

    WRAL TV will be on the air until Hurricane Florence is out of our area. We are riding this out with you. Stay safe, and stay with us as we continue to bring you important information to keep you safe.
  • CBC History Trivia Quiz

    1. Which vehicle would be the best choice to cover breaking news in eastern North Carolina? a) Unmarked live van with obvious microwave unit on top. b) Action News 5 WRAL TV news van. c) “The General Lee” from The
  • Tommie Bland and projector

    WRAL-TV employee Tommie Bland threading a film projector, which was an everyday task until videotape replaced film at the station.

  • Clarence Williams in MCO

    Newscast Director Clarence Williams prepares for work in the WRAL Master Control. The switcher was made by RCA and was later replaced with one by Grass Valley.

  • WRAL Fountain Mountain

    WRAL-TV fountain frozen solid during a winter in the late 50s or early 60s. The fountain was dubbed by newscasters as Fountaiin Mountain in later years.

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