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More Highlights for CBC New Media Group

  • Digital Marketing Team Elemental at CBC

    Two years ago Capitol Broadcasting Company created a new subsidiary, a digital marketing team, under the umbrella of our division CBC New Media Group.  Digital Elements emerged as a natural extension of CBC’s commitment to helping local businesses prosper. Keeping
  • WRAL Online

    WRAL Online was the beginning of, the flaship property of CBC New Media Group that has won numerous journalism awards and has been recognized as a leader nationally among local media sites. The promo was produced in 1997.

  • Interpath launch team

    CBC employees who were critical to the development of the company’s internet service – Interpath. Photo came at a 20th anniversary celebration in 2014.

  • Interpath launch team celebrates

    Many of the original employees who developed Interpath – CBC’s internet service provider company founded in 1994.

  • Interpath user manual

    Original user service manual for CBC ISP Interpath. The manual was authored by Paul Gilster.