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Highlights for Website

  • American Tobacco Debuts New Website, New Look

    American Tobacco is starting off 2020 with a whole new look.  ATC unveiled brand new logos and a brand new website this week. Check it out.  The new web address is:
  • WRAL-TV Wins Four First, Four Second Place Honors at RTDNAC/AP 2019 Awards

    WRAL-TV came home from the annual RTDNAC/AP Awards ceremony with eight honors, four first place and four second, including Best News Website.  The awards were presented during the annual convention of the Radio Television Digital News Association of the Carolinas
  • CBC History 101 Trivia Quiz

    The CBC History website showcases the life and time of all the divisions of Capitol Broadcasting. Every day we continue to add another video, another picture, another story that documents the mission, in part, to provide the highest level of
  • MIX Unveils New Logo, New Website To “Make You Feel Good”

    WRAL-FM has a new look starting today.  MIX 101.5 unveiled a few changes during the morning of Thursday, April 6, 2017. “Today is a very exciting day at MIX 101.5 as we launch a dynamic new logo and website,” said
  • WRAL Gardens New Website Accompanies New Blooms

    The WRAL Azalea Gardens are in full bloom right now.  Visitors stop by daily to take in the beautiful color. In perfect timing for the spring explosion, CBC recently relaunched a newly designed website for the WRAL Gardens. FOX 50