• Documentary



    • Lumbee People of the Dark Water

      The Lumbees are the largest Native American tribe not fully recognized by the US government. Host David Crabtree and the WRAL Documentary unit examine Lumbee history, heritage and their fight for recognition. Originally aired November 23, 1997.

    • Kelly’s Story

      “Kelly’s Story: Weighing the Options” takes a unique look at the issue of self-image and healthy weight in teens and children.
      The program begins with Kelly’s Story, a drama using local actors in which an overweight teenage girl struggles with body image and self-worth both at home and school. Scenarios from the drama then springboard a discussion for panelists and a studio audience moderated by WRAL News Anchor Pam Saulsby and anchor/reporter Kelcey Carlson. Executive Producer – Phyllis Parish Howard, Director – James Ford, Post Production – Steve Elizondo.
      Aired September 7, 2004

    • Fran’s Fury

      WRAL News documents the devastation created by Hurricane Fran on the coast of NC and in Wake County. September 1996.

    • Every Fourth Child documentary

      WRAL-TV Reporter Nina Szlosberg and photographer Art Howard’s stirring documentary focusing on an impoverished family in Eastern NC that has minimal resources but is trying to break the cycle of poverty. The documentary is followed by a round table discussion with state and community leaders led by news anchor Charlie Gaddy.

    • The Cape Light – Away From The Edge

      WRAL documentary detailing the move inland of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

  • Episode



    • Brain Game

      “Brain Game” is hosted by Mark Roberts. Students from three area high schools compete to answer questions in categories from math and science, to arts and current events. The winning team advances to the playoffs for a chance at the Brain Game Championship.

    • Spiritual Awakening

      “Spiritual Awakening” Ongoing program of spiritual and inspirational musical performances and messages.

    • Harambee

      WRAL-TV Public Affairs Director JD Lewis talks with guests about ” The Wilmington 10.”The Wilmington Ten were nine young men and a woman, who were convicted in 1971 in Wilmington, North Carolina of arson and conspiracy, and served nearly a decade in jail. The case became an international cause in which many critics of the city’s actions characterized the activists as political prisoners.
      This edition of Harambee aired in 1976.

  • Live Report



    • Inauguration of NC Governor Jim Martin

      “Passing the Torch” The Inauguration of North Carolina Governor Jim Martin on January 5, 1985. WRAL-TV produced the live coverage of the inauguration for the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters and was carried by television stations across the state. WRAL-TV Station Manager Neil Kuvin served as Executive Producer. Directed and produced by WRAL-TV director/producer Pam Parris Allen. WRAL-TV News Anchor Bill Leslie served as primary anchor. Other on-air reporters were provided by stations in North Carolina. Technical set-up provided by WRAL-TV.

  • Newscast



    • Garner High School Football State Champions 1987

      Garner High School was crowned 1987 state football champions by defeating Charlotte Harding at Charlotte Memorial Stadium. The final score was Garner 40, Harding 21. The game was played December 3, 1987. WRAL Sports provided extensive coverage on the day and night of the game. You’ll see a compilation of reports from the 6:00 and 11:00 newscast, plus a photo-essay by WRAL sports photographer Jay Jennings showing video of the game, locker room speech by Coach Hal Stewart, and the celebration after the game.
      Yes, Garner Football Coach and WRAL Sports Anchor Tom Suiter did have dinner at The Angus Barn! Watch the video to see why we mention that point.

    • WRAL Action News 5 snow storm coverage Jan 22 1987

      Action News 5 at 6:00 newscast on January 22, 1987. The “A” block is devoted to reports of snow in North Carolina and the problems caused by the inclement weather. Sports includes stories about Darrell Waltrip driving for Rick Hendrick, Duke and NC State basketball. Part of the last story, “Spirit of Carolina,” had to been cut short due to the corruption of video. (very old 3/4 inch tape format). Vintage commercials and promos are included in this posting.

    • WRAL-TVs 5:30 First News

      5:30 First Newscast. This edition aired on September 21, 1988. Donna Gregory was the news anchor. Rick Sullivan anchored sports. Meteorologist Greg Fishel provided weather information.

    • Premiere of the hour long Action News 5 newscast at 6pm

      WRAL-TV launched the hour long version of Action News 5 at 6:00PM on June 14, 1982. You will also see vintage commercials that aired during the newscast. WRAL News had been preparing for this moment for a couple of years. The preps ranged from a ramp-up of resources ranging from reporters, photographers, producers, to moving to newsroom/set. You will notice that Charlie Gaddy does not have a co-anchor at this point. Bobbie Battista, former co-anchor joined CNN in Atlanta in December, 1981. Adele Arakawa would join Charlie on March 14, 1983.
      The news department manager was Steve Grissom. The newscast was produced by Connie Lane and directed by Pam Parris -Allen.
      If you look closely at the end of the newscast, you can see a crowd of people at the back of the newsroom (left of the Action News 5 logo) standing in the shadows; they are huddled around a television set watching the premiere.
      *NOTE* You will notice several quick video break-ups during “The Money Desk” segment with reporter Tim Smith.

    • Tommy Suiter Come Back

      WRAL-TV Sports Anchor Tom Suiter returns to the newscast after missing almost a year of work after being diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, a voice disorder characterized by spasms of one or more muscles of the larynx. His returned on April 10, 1989.

  • Oral History Interview



    • Jim Goodmon talks about the Durham Bulls Baseball Team

      Jim Goodmon, CEO of Capitol Broadcasting Company, is interviewed by WRAL Sports Anchor Jeff Gravely about the modern era of the the Durham Bulls baseball team. Much of it has to do with “regionalism.”

      The Durham Bulls, America’s most famous Minor League Baseball team, is regarded as one of the premier franchises in the industry. Since Capitol Broadcasting Company bought the team in 1991, the organization has separated itself from its peers, thriving on local, regional and national stages. Under Capitol Broadcasting’s direction, the Bulls have been at the center of the revitalization of downtown Durham, never ceasing to contribute to The Triangle community.

      Watch and listen to this fascinating interview explaining all the twists and turns of the Durham Bulls!

      Photographer: Jay Jennings
      Circa 2015.

    • Jim Goodmon interview for CBC History Project

      Jim Goodmon learned the business of broadcasting at the knee of his grandfather A.J. Fletcher—founder of Capitol Broadcasting Company. Goodmon observed station operations carefully and learned well, and in turn–A.J. Fletcher recognized his grandson’s potential. This close, early relationship laid the groundwork for the future leadership of the company.

      He holds a fierce dedication to the public interest, and all CBC divisions not only meet but exceed industry requirements and standards. In 1998 he was appointed to the Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligations of Digital Television Broadcasters. Known as the Gore Commission, this prestigious panel recommended public interest obligations for American broadcasters as they made the transition to digital television.

      Goodmon led CBC and its stations into the digital age, gaining industry-wide recognition as a visionary whose stations constantly pushed the boundaries of technology. In 1996 the FCC granted the nation’s first experimental HDTV license to WRAL-TV, which was the first in a long line of CBC technological achievements in the field of high definition television.

      Jim Goodmon’s interests go well beyond broadcasting. Under his leadership, Capitol Broadcasting Company has expanded into real estate—developing the American Tobacco Historic District in Durham and turning it into an award-winning example of entrepreneurial restoration.

      Watch and listen to this free-wheeling conversation between Jim Goodmon and CBC Director of Special Projects John Harris.

      Photographer: Jay Jennings
      Recorded December 11, 2017

    • WRAL News anchor David Crabtree

      David Crabtree joined WRAL News in 1994 and will retire at the end of 2018. His long and distinguished career at WRAL include covering local stories that impact North Carolina and traveling the world to document the Election of Pope Francis; the funeral of Nelson Mandela; survivors of the Haiti earthquake in 2010; interview with Holocaust survivors; Pope John Paul II’s funeral; Mother Theresa’s funeral; James Taylor in London; documentary on the Vatican; covering seven major hurricanes; interviewing husbands of wives with breast cancer; a documentary focusing on living conditions of migrant workers in North Carolina; the documentary, “Focal Point: The Other North Carolina.”

      David is interviewed by John Harris, CBC Director of Special Projects. It is a free-wheeling, casual chat that covers everything from David’s childhood dream to be in broadcasting to discerning what his next mission in life might be within the Episcopal Church.

      Prior to WRAL, David worked at KCNC-TV, Denver, Colo.; 1988 to 1991: KMGH-TV, Denver, Colo.; 1985 to 1988: WITN-TV, Washington, N.C., 1982 to 1984: WKRN, Nashville, Tenn.

      Two channel audio.
      Photography by Robert Meikle
      Recorded November 15, 2017

    • Phyllis Parish Howard Director of Local Production

      Phyllis Parish Howard, Director of Local Production, joined WRAL in 1982. Her desire to work in television started at an early age. It all started with a letter written to Carol Burnett, star of the immensely popular CBS variety program “The Carol Burnett Show.” Burnett wrote back to Phyllis – then ten years old, encouraging her to follow her dream. Phyllis took her advice.

      At WRAL, she began as Promotion Coordinator, promoted to Promotion Producer, then Special Projects Producer. Now she is Director of Local Production managing commercial production and local programming.

      She has been involved in a wide range of projects including WRAL’s “Save Our Sounds” campaign. Phyllis also wrote and co-produced “Troubled Rivers” a documentary that investigated toxic pollution in the Neuse River. Other community outreach projects include “For the Children” campaign resulting in the EMMY award winning special “NC’s Epidemic of Overweight Children”. The list of productions continues with “A Vision, A Voice…40 Years of Service” honoring WRAL’s 40th anniversary, “The Annual Raleigh Christmas Parade,” “NC Symphony Pops in the Park,” “Crisis in Kosovo,” “Coats for Kids,” “Smart Start for Kids,” just to name a few. Many of these projects can be viewed on this website.

      One of the hallmarks of Capitol Broadcasting is its desire to serve the community. Phyllis and her team work at the core of those projects.

    • John Conway General Manager CBC New Media

      John Conway is General Manager of digital platforms for CBC New Media. Its flagship website, WRAL.com, is the most visited local media site in the North Carolina and is consistently ranked as a top rated television news website in the nation.

      Conway first joined Capitol Broadcasting Company in 1995 as the first managing editor of what was then called WRAL OnLine. He has served as WRAL.com’s product development director and creative services director.

      Conway is a 1985 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he received a B.A. in journalism. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for newspapers in Raleigh, Greensboro and Orlando. He has held administrative positions with the UNC School of Journalism, including assistant dean for distance education and executive education.

      Watch and listen to find out how CBC uses New Media now and anticipates its usage in the future.

  • Raw Footage



    • Tall Tower Construction

      Crews work to erect WRAL-TV’s 2000-foot “Tall Tower” at the station’s transmitter site in Auburn, NC.