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Highlights for Tony Gupton

  • Tony Gupton “Mr. GPS”

    You might be surprised to find out how some of our long-term employees got their foot in the door at Capitol Broadcasting. Tony Gupton has quite a tale to tell from how he went from digging in the dirt to
  • WRAL TV live truck crew with the boss looking on

    ENG truck operator Tony Gupton and colleague on location as Jim Goodmon observes the action

  • Tony Gupton WRAL broadcast engineer

    WRAL-TV Broadcast Engineer Tony Gupton has had a fascinating career since his first day on May 8, 1980. While a student at NCSU, Tony earned money to pay his way through college by working in the gardens on the campus at WRAL. Management noticed Tony and his work ethic and invited him to transfer to the broadcast division. It didn’t take long for the “broadcast bug” to bite him. Even though Tony has two degrees in finance from NCSU, Tony knew he had discovered the perfect job. Watch and listen to Tony talk about his exciting job working in engineering field operations that has required him to travel to exotic locations on interesting assignments. Tony is interviewed by John Harris, Director of CBC Special Projects. Recorded September 15, 2015.