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Highlights for Nina Szlosberg

  • Action News 5 TEAM OF SPECIALISTS promo

    This 1987 news promo showcases the Team of Specialists. Renee McCoy handled “Call for Action.” Denise Boyer specialized in health related stories called “Medical Beat.” Tina Seldin reported on money matters called “Money Desk.” Nina Szlosberg delved deeper into stories called “In Depth” and Bill Leslie reported on human interest stories specific to North Carolina.

  • Hurricane Diana coverage Action News 5 1984

    Hurricane Diana hit the coast of North Carolina with category 4 winds on September 13, 1984. WRAL news, at that time called “Action News 5,” sent news crews to various NC coastal locations to cover evacuations and damage. This video is a compilation of news stories that aired over several days. You will see WRAL news reporters Fred Taylor, Bill Draper, Tim Kent, Shelly Kofler, Bryan Glazer,and Nina Szlosberg.

  • Every Fourth Child documentary

    WRAL-TV Reporter Nina Szlosberg and photographer Art Howard’s stirring documentary focusing on an impoverished family in Eastern NC that has minimal resources but is trying to break the cycle of poverty. The documentary is followed by a round table discussion with state and community leaders led by news anchor Charlie Gaddy.

  • Every 4th Child, Two Years Later

    In February, 1989 WRAL-TV News Reporter Nina Szlosberg revisits the family she documented two years earlier in December, 1986. She reveals if progress has been made in regards to their finances, health, and living conditions.

  • WRAL News coverage of C 130 military cargo plane crash at Pope AFB

    WRAL dedicated the “A” block (first segment in a newscast) to covering the crash of a C-130 military plane during a demonstration at Pope AFB near Fort Bragg. July 1, 1987.