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Highlights for Ned "Tack" Attayek

  • Tack Attayek WRAL-FM

    WRAL-FM announcer Ned Attayek is better known by his nickname, “Tack,” given to him by his college buddies who were tired of mispronouncing Ned’s last name. The nickname stuck.

    Tack is a “Johnston County boy” from eastern North Carolina. He always wanted to be a radio guy. Like many of those who were teenagers in the decade of the ‘60s, Tack listened to the top radio stations and identified with big name disc jockeys of that era.

    Watch and listen to Tack tell behind-the-scenes stories while working in radio and as a courtside basketball announcer at the NC State home games. Tack still works at WRAL-FM, but has gone high tech as the WRAL-FM Web/Computer Network Supervisor.

    Enjoy this interview with Tack conducted by John Harris, Director of CBC Special Projects.

  • Tack at the board

    Ned Tack Attayek hosts music show on MIX 101.5.

  • WRAL-FM gang on Christmas parade float

    Radio gang riding float, including Zoot the puppet and Rowell Gormon – center – Tack Attayek – 2nd from right, and Bob Inskeep – right.