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Highlights for Kevin Shand

  • Almost Four Decades of Producing: WRAL-TV’s Kevin Shand Retires

    A WRAL-TV fixture will close up shop on Friday, May 18, 2018, after 38 years with the Big 5.  His face may not be known to viewers, but Producer Kevin Shand spent decades behind the scenes creating everything from newscasts
  • WRAL-TV’s Brain Game Reveals New Set

    Last weekend CBC’s long-running local high school quiz show Brain Game debuted a new look.  Capcom checked in with WRAL-TV Producer Kevin Shand to get the scoop on the new set: The new Brain Game Set premiered on-air January 9,
  • Kevin Shand WRAL-TV producer

    Kevin Shand joined WRAL in June 1980. He arrived with a great deal of knowledge about the broadcasting business since his father was a pioneer in television in Richmond, Virginia.

    Kevin has held many titles at WRAL in a variety of different departments. He has produced newscasts, station promos, commercials, special projects, and local programs. He can answer just about any question posed to him, and if he doesn’t know the answer, he can point you to a person who does know. Kevin is truly a “jack of all trades and a master of them.”

    Kevin is also known as the comedian at WRAL. He can always find humor in the midst of a disaster.

    Kevin is interviewed by John Harris, CBC Director of Special Projects.