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Highlights for Gilbert Baez

  • WRAL-TV, Baez Honored by Salvation Army for Hurricane Matthew Coverage

    The Salvation Army of Fayetteville recently honored WRAL-TV for the station’s coverage of Hurricane Matthew, both during the storm and in the days following.  WRAL-TV Reporter Gilbert Baez accepted the 2016 Media Excellence Award at the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens
  • WRAL News bureau in Fayetteville with Gilbert Baez Promo 1992

    The WRAL News bureau in Fayetteville plays an important role in news gathering in the southeastern region of North Carolina. Reporter Gilbert Baez has been the point man for covering the news of Fort Bragg, Cumberland County, and the surrounding area. Promo produced in 1992.

  • News Highlights of 1991

    News Highlights of 1991 include the following stories. Coverage of the war in Iraq and Kuwait feature reports live from the field and interviews with troops from Fort Bragg, Pope AFB and Seymour Johnson AFB. Other highlights from 1991 include the explosion and fire at the Imperial Food plant in Hamlet where many employees were killed due to locked doors. Crew members aboard the Navy ship USS Raleigh were caught violating policy by dumping garbage overboard into the ocean. A congressional hearing followed in response to that act. Reporter/anchor Bill Leslie demonstrates what it is like to fight a fire. Duke University wins the NCAA Championship by defeating the Jayhawks of the University of Kansas.