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Highlights for Dr. Allen Mask

  • Health Team Dr. Allen Mask

    Dr. Mask joined the WRAL-TV staff in the early 90s and is the longest-serving television doctor in North Carolina.

  • Doctors On Call

    “Doctors on Call” was hosted by WRAL Health Team physician Dr. Allen Mask. The program provided viewers with the opportunity to call the station and receive free, confidential medical advice from physicians and specialists with the NC Medical Society. WRAL News anchor Pam Saulsby served as co-host.Dr. Allen Mask interviews the following doctors during this particular program: Dr. Sharon Fekrat – Duke Ophthalmologist, Dr. Joel Schneider – Wake Med Cardiologists, Dr. Roy Cromartie – Kaiser Oncologist, Dr. Marty Sullivan – Duke Integrated Medicine, Dr. Richard Alioto, Duke Orthopedic surgeon.Doctors on Call aired on WRAL for many years. This program aired in 1999.

  • WRAL First HD Newscast at State Fair

    WRAL-TV led the nation in the development of High Definition broadcasting. On October 13, 2000 WRAL made history by broadcasting the entire 5:00 PM newscast LIVE in HD from the State Fair. The historic newscast was broadcast from a special stage at the North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh. The broadcast came just days after WRAL announced it was purchasing equipment from Panasonic to allow the station to gather all of its news stories in the 1080i format. WRAL was the first in the country to convert its entire news operation into HD. This video documents the historic moment from a behind-the-scenes perspective.

    In 1996, WRAL was the first station in the nation to start broadcasting in HD even though most viewers did not have an HD television set.

  • WRAL Health Team in 1995

    Health Team members accepting the NC Med Society Public Service Award in 1995. L-R: Chris Mondragon, Dr. Allen Mask, Dr. Alicia Underwood, Lynn Hoggard, Mary Cates Gravley and Malinda Adams.

  • Doctors On Call 14th Anniversary Program

    Doctors on Call started in 1990. This one hour program and all-day telethon format enables viewers to call with specific questions about medical conditions. During the program, various medical experts offer information to increase public health awareness. Over 150 doctors representing a variety of major medical specialties staff the phone lines so viewers can talk on-on-one with a doctor for free, confidential medical advice.