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Highlights for Clifford Kurtz

  • It Happened in December Trivia Quiz

    The first FIVE STAR Award was presented in 1983. Who was the recipient? a) P. B.Jernigan b) Bob Sadler c) Clifford Kurtz d) Charlie Gaddy 2. WRAL-TV signed on the air December 15, 1956. Name the first program to air?
  • Goodbye Mr. Kurtz

    Mr. Clifford Kurtz was one of the most beloved members of the WRAL family. He worked in General Services from 1980-2003. Mr. Kurtz was the first recipient of the 5 STAR Award that is given annually to an outstanding employee nominated by staff members. He always greeted each person with a smile and pleasant greeting. He was very soft spoken and always had a positive attitude. Watch as many employees at WRAL bid Mr. Kurtz a fond fairwell. The video was edited by WRAL producer/editor Anita Normanly.