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More Highlights for Romper Room

  • Miss Margaret of Romper Room

    Margaret Brickell cuts cake at 2nd anniversary celebration for Romper Room.

  • Romper Room fun at Pullen Park

    Miss Margaret rides merry-go-round with children at WRAL-TV end of summer celebration.

  • Miss Margaret of Romper Room

    Margaret Brickell became the second teacher of the WRAL Romper Room in September 1959. Brickell was an instructor at NC State. She replaced JoAnn Federspeil as the show hostess.

  • Romper Room 1st anniversary

    Miss JoAnn Federspeil blows out the candle to celebrate Romper Room first birthday. The party took place May 25, 1959 and was attended by some 150 lively youngsters.

  • Romper Room class enjoys a march

    Romper Room teacher Margaret Brickell leads children in a lively march as part of the classroom activities.