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More Highlights for Bobbie Battista

  • CBC Mourns Loss of Legendary WRAL-TV Anchor Bobbie Battista

    Former CNN anchor Bobbie Battista has passed away at the age of 67, according to a family spokeswoman. Battista passed away on Tuesday morning, March 3, 2020, after a four-year battle with cervical cancer, according to Wendy Guarisco, family spokeswoman.
  • Bloopers with Bobbie Battista and Charlie Gaddy circa 1979

    Thankfully most bloopers, mistakes, and giggle fits do not happen on the air. However, after a newscast – while taping “updates” to play during the evening – a case of the giggles can happen. The stress and tension of being perfect during a live broadcast is off, and being able to relax a bit often plays out in bloopers.

    Chuckle along with legendary WRAL news anchor team Charlie Gaddy and Bobbie Battista from the late ’70s. In 1981, Bobbie Battista joined CNN in Atlanta where she was a news anchor for many years. Charlie Gaddy retired from WRAL in 1994.

  • Battista and Gaddy chat with Goodmon

    Legendary anchors Bobbie Battista and Charlie Gaddy with CBC President Jim Goodmon before the WRAL 50th Anniversary newscast in 2006.

  • WRAL anchors old and new at 50th reuncion newscast

    Bob DeBardelaben, Bobbie Battista, Charlie Gaddy and Tom Suiter are joined by successors at reunion in 2006

  • WRAL Bobbie Battista promo Nightside Reporter (1978)

    This 1978 news promo shows Bobbie Battista when she was a nightside reporter for WRAL News. At that time, news was referred to as Action News 5.

    Bobbie Battista was a legendary news anchor at WRAL. She started at the station in November, 1974. She started int the news department as a producer and then a reporter before becoming co-anchor with Charlie Gaddy during the late 70’s. Bobbie was recruited to CNN in Atlanta in 1981 and anchored CNN Headlines News before moving over to the main network, CNN, in 1988. For more information about Bobbie Battista, check out her bio on this website.

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