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More Highlights for WRAL-TV

  • Tune in to WRAL-TV for 2020 Tokyo Olympics Coverage, The Olympic Zone Returns

    Tune in to WRAL-TV for your Summer Olympics coverage with the Opening Ceremony today, Friday, July 23, 2021.  WRAL-TV will not only have coverage of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games during all newscasts as well as daily competitions from NBC
  • New WRAL Documentary: Fish Farms

    New WRAL Documentary explores thriving, yet little-known North Carolina aquaculture industry. Premieres on WRAL-TV, Wednesday, July 14 at 7:30 p.m. Caviar and crawfish from the Carolinas–who knew? WRAL’s latest documentary, Fish Farms, explores one of North Carolina’s best kept secrets. Aquaculture, or the farming of
  • New WRAL Documentary: The Skin We’re In

    The new WRAL Documentary examines racial discrimination through personal stories from people of color Premieres on WRAL-TV, Tuesday May 25 at 7:30 p.m. The killing of George Floyd ignited a national and international movement for racial justice. It also sparked a
  • Local Artist Candy Carver Creates Mural for New WRAL Newsroom in Durham

    WRAL-TV unveiled a new Durham News Bureau on the day of the Durham Bulls 2021 home opener.  The Durham newsroom is located next to the DBAP on Blackwell Street.  Passersby can look into the newsroom through large windows and in
  • Four Local Arts Councils Present Original Artwork to CBC & WRAL-TV as Thanks for Big Night In For The Arts

    “I’m so proud that we continued our ‘quarantine’ era track record of community success by supporting not one, but FOUR community arts councils. It was true CBC team work to make the event happen.” – WRAL-TV Brand Director Heather Gray
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