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  • First WRAL-TV log showing NBC programming

    This program schedule shows WRAL-TV programming switching to The Today Show just after 7 a.m. on February 29, 2016.

  • Article about WRAL Gardens

    This article appeared in the Leader magazine in 1979, not long after CBC founder AJ Fletcher died. Fletcher designed and planted the garden in 1959.

  • Patent awarded to Duncan and CBC

    Patent for Wide Range Tunnel Diode Oscillator awarded to CBC Director of Engineering Virgil Duncan in 1962. The invention was useful for feeding background music into distribution systems for TV and FM radio sets.

  • Starshooter uplink truck specifications

  • Starshooter bill of sale

    Bill of sale when Microspace sold the company’s C-band uplink unit known as StarShooter in 1997. That essentially ended the company’s C-band remote uplink ventures.