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More Highlights for WRAL Studio

  • American Idol finalist Clay Aiken appears on WRAL Morning News

    Take a look behind the scenes when 2003 American Idol finalist, Clay Aiken, made a whirlwind trip from Hollywood to his hometown of Raleigh during the final weeks of competition of the hit FOX TV show American Idol. Clay finished as the runner-up to champion Ruben Studdard.

    This video shows Clay arriving at WRAL-TV the morning of Friday, May 9 2003. He makes his way into the station greeting employees as he makes his way to the newsroom . You’ll see and hear Clay interviewed by WRAL Morning news anchors.

    All the video was shot from a news photographer shooting from behind-the-scenes. Enjoy this unique look of what happens during a live newscast as Clay Aiken has fun “helping” Mike Maze present the weather report and Mark Roberts with his traffic report.

  • One Year Later How Safe are We 2002

    September 11, 2001 changed the way the United States went about the task of protecting the nation for harm. Terrorists, with ease, inflicted death and destruction in New York City and Washington D.C. One year later, WRAL asked the question – how safe are we?

    WRAL News anchor David Crabtree and The News & Observer newspaper executive editor Melanie Sill posed the question to experts representing various roles in law enforcement and the military, plus those who hold positions in education and religion.

    The program aired in September 2002.

  • WRAL Sports anchorman Ray Reeve

    Reeve at the sports anchor desk preparing for a broadcast. Reeve was the first WRAL-TV Sports Director and anchorman.

  • Cast of Sparks

    Sparks was a WRAL-TV locally-produced childrens program that premiered August 10, 1985. The program was produced by Peter Anlyan and featured Meredith Nicholson (foreground(, Kent FAulcon, Mark Miller, Mark Kath, Phyllis Bullock and Joshua Lozoff.

  • Charlie Gaddy

    WRAL-TV anchorman Charlie Gaddy on the Action News 5 set in 1976. Gaddy began anchoring WRAL-TV newscasts fulltime in 1974.

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