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More Highlights for Leyla Santiago

  • WRAL News reporter Leyla Santiago talks about Cuba

    WRAL News reporter Leyla Santiago and photographer Zac Gooch travelled to Cuba to explore the changing relationship between American and the island nation. Their trip yielded an award winning documentary titled, “Inside Cuba.”

    On the day “Inside Cuba” aired, Leyla talked with WRAL Morning News anchors Michelle Marsh and Renee Chou about the people she met during her trip.

    October 21, 2015

  • Inside Cuba

    WRAL News reporter Leyla Santiago takes you inside Cuba, where many people are hopeful the change results in a better future. We will explore the potential opportunities ahead, including trade between the two countries. We’ll also explain how the North Carolina agriculture industry hopes to benefit.

    “Inside Cuba” is a 30-minute documentary that looks at Cuba as it is now; its people, culture, and way of life. It also explores Cuba in the days, months, and years ahead as its relationship with the U.S. improves.

    Aired October 21, 2015

  • Farm Bureau Honors Santiago and Gooch for WRAL Doc “Inside Cuba”

    WRAL Anchor/Reporter Leyla Santiago and WRAL Photojournalist Zac Gooch received an award following their hard work on the documentary, “Inside Cuba.” The North Carolina Farm Bureau presented them with the organization’s Communications Award for 2015. The award is given each