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More Highlights for Drew Griffin

  • WRAL Morning Newscast coverage of tornado damage Nov 28, 1988

    At 1:00 AM on November 28, 1988 a ferocious F4 tornado touched down in Raleigh, North Carolina. The most intense damage occurred over northwestern Raleigh where the tornado traveled through densely populated areas near major intersections. Many large businesses were damaged or destroyed including a K-Mart. There were two reported fatalities and 105 injuries across Raleigh as the tornado tracked across several subdivisions.

    WRAL News anchor Charlie Gaddy became the field anchor as he not only reported on the damage, he brought a sense of calm and genuine compassion to those who survived and then share their experiences. Gaddy also provided live reports to CBS News.

    This video is WRAL Morning News with anchor John Hudson, just a few hours after the tornado tore through northwestern Raleigh. The light of day revealed the devastation.

  • NCSU Basketball coach Jim Valvano resigns

    The lead story on WRAL News, April 7, 1990 was the resignation of NCSU Basketball coachJim Valvano. The news consumed the “A” block, or first segment of the newscast.
    Valvano was a charismatic, popular coach who encouraged and inspired his players to a remarkable win of the NCAA Basketball Championship in 1983. The team was referred to as the “Cardiac Pack” due to their buzzer beater wins that advanced them to the next bracket toward the championship.
    Controversy grew from accusations in a book, Personal Fouls, by Peter Golenbock. A 1989 NCAA investigation cleared Valvano. Six separate entities investigated Valvano and the NC State basketball program including the NC State Faculty Senate, the North Carolina Attorney General, the University of North Carolina Board of Governors, the NC State Board of Trustees, and the NCAA. None of them found any recruiting or financial improprieties. Under subsequent pressure from the school’s faculty and Chancellor, Valvano negotiated a settlement with NC State and resigned as basketball coach.