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More Highlights for Tempus Fugit

  • Happy 71st Birthday WRAL-FM!

    September 6, 1946. That is the day WRAL-FM joined big brother WRAL-AM on the radio. To get the full scoop on how WRAL-FM came into being, we turn to Fred Fletcher’s book, TEMPUS FUGIT to get the facts and a
  • Ratings Dominator from the Start!

    WRAL’s dominance in ratings started right-off-the-bat after The Big 5 signed-on in December, 1956. According to then WRAL General Manager Fred Fletcher in his book Tempus Fugit, “By July, 1958 – a year and a half after sign-on – we
  • Tempus Fugit show

    Host Fred Fletcher conducts an interview during live Tempus Fugit program at NC Farmers Market

  • Andy Griffith Discovered by Fred Fletcher?

    The case can be made that Andy Griffith owes his start in showbiz to Fred Fletcher. Actually, Fred Fletcher made that claim in his book Tempus Fugit. One thing for sure, Fred knew talent when he heard or saw it.
  • Fairy Tales by Fred Fletcher Volume Nine

    Fred Fletcher, eldest son of CBC founder A.J. Fletcher, helped launch WRAL-AM in 1939 and soon made a name for himself as the host of a daily talk show called “Tempus Fugit.” Fred would entertain, inform and hold forth with a cast of characters that included his most memorable persona –the lovable “Fairy Tale Man.” During every show Fred would transform into a master storyteller to read the classics from the Brothers Grimm. He was the proverbial one-man-band who created his own sound effects and made up the voices of all the characters. Listeners young and old loved it, and before long “Tempus Fugit” was the top-ranked show in its time period.

    Listen to volume nine of “Fairy Tales” as told by Fred Fletcher. These vintage audio recordings of live radio broadcasts are believed to have aired during the 1940’s decade.

    The Rat Catcher 00:00 – 09:30
    Prince Hyacinth 09:36 – 17:12
    Country Mouse, City Mouse 17:20 – 22:09
    Brother Rabbit, The Whale 22:12 – 28:27
    & the Elephant
    Hansel & Gretel 28:28 – 35:48
    The Fisherman and his Wife 35:55 – 43:36
    Johnny and the Three Goats 43:31- 50:19
    The Toad and the Diamonds 50:24 – 56:56

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