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More Highlights for Stuart Scott

  • Scott at Late Night

    Former WRAL-TV reporter Stuart Scott hosts Late Night with Roy at UNC-Chapel Hill. Scott was a UNC grad who achieved stardom at ESPN during a 20-year career at the network.

  • Stuart Scott at WRAL-TV

    Former WRAL-TV news reporter Stuart Scott doing interview at Channel 5. Scott went on to stardom as a sports anchor at ESPN.

  • Stuart Scott with Tar Heels

    ESPN anchor Stuart Scott poses with 2007 UNC Tar Heel basketball team and coach Roy Williams. Scott graduated from UNC and always kept close ties to the university.

  • Scott hosting Late Night with Roy

    ESPN anchor Stuart Scott hosting Late Night with Roy Williams in the Smith Center October 24, 2008. Scott was a WRAL-TV News reporter from 1988-1990.

  • Stuart Scott at Jimmy V Classic

    ESPN anchor and former WRAL-TV news reporter doing interview at Prestonwood County Club.