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More Highlights for Sparks

  • Cast of Sparks

    Sparks was a WRAL-TV locally-produced childrens program that premiered August 10, 1985. The program was produced by Peter Anlyan and featured Meredith Nicholson (foreground(, Kent FAulcon, Mark Miller, Mark Kath, Phyllis Bullock and Joshua Lozoff.

  • Former Sparks cast member entertains FOX 50 staff

    Illusionist Joshua Lozoff entertains WRAZ-TV staff at 2014 Christmas party. Lozoff played the grandson in the WRAL-TV childrens show Sparks.

  • Sparks

    “SPARKS” was an innovative children’s program designed to interest youngsters 6-11 years old. Characters portrayed by local actors. “SPARKS” was a finalist in the National Association of Television Program Executives’ 20th Annual Iris Award and an Honors Program in the Parent’s Choice 1986 Television Awards category. Program debuted on August 10, 1985.

  • Sparks

    “SPARKS” An innovative children’s program designed for youngsters 6-11 years old. The first episode premiered on August 10, 1985.

  • Sparks

    Cast from WRAL-TV’s award-winning children’s program