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More Highlights for Mike Allen

  • SKY 5 Directs Boy Scout River Rescue

    SKY 5 pilot Mike Allen finds two missing boy scouts and their scoutmaster clinging to trees after their canoes overturned in the Cape Fear River in Harnett County.

    Since SKY 5 is not equipped with rescue gear, the National Guard helicopter was called to execute the rescue., while SKY 5 oversaw the direction.

    Circa 1983.

  • SKY5 pilot Mike Allen LIVE interview with NC Army National Guard pilot

    SKY5 pilot Mike Allen conducts a live interview with Major Les Everett with the N.C. Army National Guard. While Major Everett pilots a Huey helicopter and Mike pilots SKY5, they talk about the recent successful annual summer camp and what the Army National Guard provides to the state on a daily basis.

    Circa 1983.

  • SKY 5 flies over NC mountains 1983

    SKY 5 often criss-crosses across North Carolina to cover a story. While enroute, or on the way back, the photographer will often take advantage of the beautiful landscape by videotaping the scenery and then later add music to complement visuals. This video was shot and edited in 1983 as SKY 5 pilot Mike Allen flew the news crew back to Raleigh.

  • Mike Allen SKY 5 pilot

    Mike Allen was the second pilot to fly SKY 5, but the first SKY 5 pilot to report LIVE on camera from the air on a regular basis. He arrived at WRAL in January 1982 with a great deal of flying experience. Mike served as a pilot in the US ARMY flying Chinook helicopters and then became a civilian helicopter pilot working primarily in the western states and Alaska. Mike flew the popular SKY 5 helicopter known for the graphic “bumble bee stripes” made by Hughes Helicopters. You can also watch a behind-the-scenes video about Mike and SKY 5 on this website. Look for the video titled “SKY 5 featured on WRAL AWARE Public Affairs Program.” Mike is now a retired Presbyterian minister.

  • Money Desk with Tim Smith featuring Ultralights Parts 1 and 2

    WRAL News reporter Tim Smith was the “Money Desk” expert. On a daily basis Tim provided viewers with money and time saving tips, cautionary advice, and in this case – an affordable way to fly. Bill Pleasants sold recreational ultra-lights. The aircraft did not require a pilot’s license and was quite affordable. Tim Smith convinced SKY 5 pilot Mike Allen to fly the ultralight. This two part report gives you an idea whether or not to consider an ultralight in your future. (Circa November 1982) Tim Smith is now retired from American Airlines where he served as their spokesman.