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More Highlights for Sister Gary

  • Random CBC History Trivia Questions

    1. Many well-known preachers had their programs produced in the studios of WRAL and/or WRAL radio. Which person did NOT broadcast from the studios of WRAL and/or WRAL radio? A) Sister Gary B) Oral Roberts C) Billy Graham D) Jimmy
  • Sister Gary

    Very early photo of Sister Mabel Gary, who hosted gospel programs on WRAL Radio and Television.

  • Sister Mabel Gary

    Sister Gary advertisement for her radio program on WRAL-AM and FM. Sister Garys program led to the current WRAL gospel program Spiritual Awakening.

  • Spiritual Awakenings host

    Bishop Terence Jenkins is the current host of the gospel music program that grew out of the Sister Gary Spiritual program.

  • Sister Gary preaches

    Sister Mabel Gary in the pulpit and on the air