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More Highlights for Tobacco Radio Network

  • Ray Wilkinson, well known farm reporter, retires from WRAL

    This promo honors the work of Ray Wilkinson, well known farm reporter and vice president at Capitol Broadcasting Company. Ray joined CBC in 1963 and retired in 1995. Please more about Ray Wilkinson and his enormous contributions to the farming community and his time at WRAL chronicled on this website.

  • Outstanding in his field

    Farm Director Ray Wilkinson in a comfortable location reporting on crops in North Carolina.

  • Ray Wilkinson on the job

    CBC Farm Director Ray Wilkinson working a story for the Tobacco Radio Network and WRAL-TV.

  • Tobacco Network promotional ad

    Advertisement touting the experience of TN announcers Dix Harper, Ray Wilkinson and Ken Tanner.

  • World Tobacco Auctioneering Championship

    The 1987 World Tobacco Auctioneering Championship was held in Danville, Virginia. You might be surprised to see the number of contestants from outside of the United States. WRAL’s farm director, Ray Wilkinson takes us behind the scenes to find out what qualifies an auctioneer to be crowned champion.