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More Highlights for Ray Reeve

  • Ray Reeve having fun

    Famed sports anchor Ray Reeve posing as an inmate in company photo gag

  • Vanity License Plate

    Can you guess who had this license plate (right) on his car in 1961?  A.J. Fletcher, Founder of WRAL “Channel 5” Herb Marks, AKA “Captain 5” Art Anderson, Assistant Promotion Director/artist at Channel 5 Ray Reeve, Sportscaster   (Scroll down for
  • Ray Reeve calls USC vs Maryland Basketball Game March 1971

    *AUDIO ONLY* Legendary WRAL sportscaster Ray Reeve calls the play-by-play basketball action between the USC Gamecocks and the University of Maryland Terrapins during the 1971 ACC tournament in Greensboro, N.C. The audio recording is missing part of the game, but hearing Ray Reeve call the game and question the actions of Maryland Coach Lefty Driesell makes this a classic. Final Score: USC 71 and Maryland 63. Many thanks to Ray Reeve, Jr. for sharing this home recording with us. Yes, the baby heard in the background is Ray’s 3 month old granddaughter. (Recorded March 11, 1971)

  • WRAL sportscasting legends

    Mouth of the South Bill Currie and The Squire Ray Reeve catch up on old times.

  • Farmers Day – July 21 1960

    Ray Reeve and Fred Fletcher share duties during one of the competitions at the NC Farmers Market.