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More Highlights for Waltye Rasulala

  • The Great Fiddle Chase episode of Frog Hollow

    “The Great Fiddle Chase” episode of Frog Hollow was videotaped on location in several areas of North Carolina and Virginia, including segments shot onboard a train in Covington, Viriginia. Watch how the story develops into a wonderful lesson about forgiveness.
    Frog Hollow was an award winning, innovative children’s program for pre-school aged children. The show received the prestigous Iris Award for Best Children’s Program in medium market stations. It also won an Action for Children’s Television award in 1982. This episode was produced by Julie Wick and aired May 12, 1982.

  • Waltye Rasulala WRAL-TV Public Affairs

    Waltye Rasulala was the Public Affairs Director at WRAL-TV. She hosted several programs including “AWARE,” “Carolina Saturday” and “Carolina Sunday.” PROJECT TANZANIA was the most ambitious project she was involved in while at WRAL.

    Watch and listen to how Waltye engaged the community through projects sponsored by WRAL-TV. Waltye was interviewed by John Harris, Corporate Director of Special Projects at CBC.

  • Project Tanzania compilation

    Many Africans were affected by the massive drought in the early 1980’s. In 1985, a group of dedicated people from the Raleigh/Durham area went on a fact-finding trip to find an area that wanted assistance in becoming more self-sufficient. The rural Shinyanga Region was selected and Project Tanzania was born.
    WRAL-TV produced an hour-long documentary that introduced North Carolinians to the situation in Shinyanga and identified ways to help Tanzanians help themselves. This wasn’t another hand-out program, but a way to give these people a hand up to a better life.
    This video is a sampling of news reports in 1985 and 1986 about the efforts to help the people in Tanzania.
    WRAL-TV received the 1986 World Hunger Media Award for the documentary “Tanzani: A Need Beyond Hunger.”

  • Tanzania A Need Beyond Hunger

    Waltye Rasulala, Director of WRAL-TV Public Affairs, reports from Tanzania. Spearheaded by Capitol Broadcasting Company with the help of the Raleigh Catholic Dioces and Catholic Relief Services. Three volunteers; teacher, farmer, doctor traveled to Tanzania to provide services to the people of Tanzania and also enlighten North Carolinians to the Tanzanian’s plight.

  • Carolina Saturday June 1988

    WRAL-TV Public Affairs Director Waltye Rasulala hosts the program from Spivey’s Corner. Topics covered in this edition: Catholic missions help migrant workers during harvest season, two women in Chatham County help the poor, a child with a brain tumor has a bright outlook, “hollering” contest from Spivey’s Corner.