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More Highlights for WeatherCenter

  • Bob Debardelaben WRAL Weather Anchor

    Known as “The Biggest Name in Weather,” Bob DeBardelaben was one of WRAL-TV’s best known on-air personalities, gaining fame as the primary weather anchor of the station’s dominant “Action News 5” broadcasts.

    Bob joined CBC in 1966 as a sales rep for Tobacco Radio Network. He began voicing commercials and handling a variety of on-air and off-air jobs, and by the late 60s he was doing the morning show on WRAL-FM.

    It wasn’t long before DeBardelaben’s talents would move to the world of television, where he gained instant popularity as the host of “Dialing for Dollars,” a daily quiz program on WRAL-TV. Bob would spin a big wheel, make random phone calls and challenge viewers to win money if they could recite “the count and the amount” of the contest totals at that particular moment.

    Bob’s popularity continued to grow, and in 1976 his career was forever changed when he was named the primary weathercaster of WRAL-TV’s weekday newscasts. DeBardelaben replaced long-time weatherman Bob Caudle.

    Bob was always up for a weather stunt, as well. In the mid-80s he broadcast the weather one evening from a platform near the top of WRAL’s 2,000-foot tower. All went well, but when he came back down after the newscast he kissed the ground and said “never again!”

    DeBardelaben retired in 1989 at age 62. Always an avid golfer, he says he wanted to spend more time on the links.

    Bob DeBardelaben died October 6, 2014 following a brief illness. He was 88.

  • Doppler 5000

    WRAL-TV radar unit on its tower near Auburn, NC.

  • Bob Caudle

    Weatherman and wrestling announcer in 1960s staff photo

  • WRAL Meteorologist Greg Fishel Count On It promo

    Since 1981, viewers in eastern North Carolina have relied on WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel for their weather information. This promo was produced in 2000.

  • Greg Fishel learns to dance with Mean Gene and Slappy

    Mean Gene and Slappy kept the NC State Wolfpack fans dancing and prancing during athletic events, so who better to teach Greg Fishel how to dance in the WeatherCenter? Watch this vintage promo produced during NCAA Basketball March Madness in 2000.

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