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More Highlights for Amanda Lamb

  • WRAL News reporter Amanda Lamb Swims with Sharks (2 stories)

    WRAL News reporter Amanda Lamb dives into the shark tank to check out a sea creature that instills fear into many who love the ocean. Shark sightings off the coast of North Carolina are common. However it is the story of “Shark Bites Human” that captures the headline.

    Watch these two reports by Amanda Lamb. She talks to a victim of a shark attack and how one can minimize the possibility of being bitten by one.

    Circa: 2002

  • WRAL-TV’s Lamb Honored for Reporting on Prison Systems

    WRAL-TV Reporter Amanda Lamb often covers stories featuring the North Carolina prison system in her work at the Big 5.  Recently she received special recognition from a criminal justice organization for her work reporting in that field. The North Carolina