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More Highlights for Carol Sbarge

  • WRAL Morning Newscast coverage of tornado damage Nov 28, 1988

    At 1:00 AM on November 28, 1988 a ferocious F4 tornado touched down in Raleigh, North Carolina. The most intense damage occurred over northwestern Raleigh where the tornado traveled through densely populated areas near major intersections. Many large businesses were damaged or destroyed including a K-Mart. There were two reported fatalities and 105 injuries across Raleigh as the tornado tracked across several subdivisions.

    WRAL News anchor Charlie Gaddy became the field anchor as he not only reported on the damage, he brought a sense of calm and genuine compassion to those who survived and then share their experiences. Gaddy also provided live reports to CBS News.

    This video is WRAL Morning News with anchor John Hudson, just a few hours after the tornado tore through northwestern Raleigh. The light of day revealed the devastation.

  • WRAL News satellite truck LIVESTAR 5

    Satellite technology allowed WRAL News to travel great distances to gather stories that impacted WRAL viewers. This promo produced in 1987 shows where some of our reporters traveled to during a one month period of time to gather the news. WRAL’s satellite truck was nicknamed LIVESTAR 5.

  • The Crack Invasion

    WRAL-TV News Reporters Carol Sbarge, Drew Griffin and Leslie Boney look into the effects of the drug known as “crack” and the grip it has on the users. “Crack” cuts across all social and economic communities. (1990)

  • WRAL News Highlights of 1988

    WRAL News Highlights of 1988 include coverage of the tornado that ripped through north Raleigh, hostages held at the Robinsonian Newspaper, problems at the Briarwood Nursing Home, Lifeplanning health series, Charlie Gaddy’s trip to China, Duke makes it to the “Final Four” NCAA Basketball Tournament.

  • WRAL newsroom late 80s

    The WRAL-TV newsroom in the late 1980s