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More Highlights for Bill Jordan

  • WRAL FM anchors with Coach K at Duke fundraiser

    Sheri Logan and Bill Jordan join Duke Coach K to raise funds for Duke Childrens Hospital.

  • WRAL FM Mix 101 promo

    WRAL-TV Morning News anchors promote the WRAL-FM Morning hosts!
    Not many people knew what Bill Jordan looked like until he appeared on the WRAL Morning newscasts. Bill and Sheri gave listeners an idea what the topic of the day would be during their morning drive to work or to run errands. Note the cross promotion included as well.

  • First Radiothon Montage

    Listen to the voices of children, parents, and those who made a donation to Duke Children’s Hospital.

  • Bill Jordan, MIX 101.5 announces his retirement

    The very popular Bill Jordan retires from broadcasting after many successful, fun years in radio.

  • Mix 101.5 host Bill Jordan says goodbye

    The very popular Mix101.5 radio host, Bill Jordan, says goodbye to his listeners as he enters retirement.