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More Highlights for Jack Edwards

  • Early videotaped report for WRAL-TV News

    Cameraman Jack Edwards records Reporter Oscar Smith comments using first videotape field camera and recorder at WRAL-TV.

  • Jack Edwards WRAL-TV News photographer

    WRAL News photographer Jack Edwards shares his memories of working at the station over a span of 41 years. He captured history in the making, starting with film and finished shooting news in high definition.

    John Harris, Corporate Director of Special Projects, conducted the interview.

  • WRAL newsroom late 80s

    The WRAL-TV newsroom in the late 1980s

  • Jack Edwards

    WRAL-TV news photographer Jack Edwards with Ikegami video camcorder.

  • WRAL-TV Action News team in 1986

    Action News team including Bill Leslie, Adele Arakawa, Charllie Gaddy, Bob DeBardelaben, Fred Taylor and many others.