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More Highlights for Leah Chauncey

  • Leah Chauncey WRAL-TV Director of Business Affairs

    Leah Chauncey proved to be one of the most versatile managers to work at WRAL-TV. She started in June, 1981 as the business manager. Her desire to know more about the behind-the-scenes part of broadcasting led her to wear many different hats at the station.

    In the mid-80s, she became a manager in the news department. She handled the resource logistics required to gather the news. Leah then became manager of local production (non-news) which included commercial and promotion material. Her depth of knowledge led her to become operations manager where she oversaw the work of the engineering department.

    She was then tapped to manage the internet start-up business called “Interpath” when the internet was still in its in infancy. Her final position was TV Director of Business of Affairs.

    Leah retired in January, 2015 after a very successful career at WRAL-TV.

    She is interviewed by John Harris, Corporate Director of Special Projects.

  • WRAL-TV Department Heads survey new tower

    Leah Chauncey, David Harbert, Paul Quinn, Al Dunbar and Jim Griffin get a look at one section of the new transmitting tower in 1990.

  • Interpath launch team celebrates

    Many of the original employees who developed Interpath – CBC’s internet service provider company founded in 1994.

  • WRAL-TV Action News team in 1986

    Action News team including Bill Leslie, Adele Arakawa, Charllie Gaddy, Bob DeBardelaben, Fred Taylor and many others.