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  • Garner High School Football State Champions 1987

    Garner High School was crowned 1987 state football champions by defeating Charlotte Harding at Charlotte Memorial Stadium. The final score was Garner 40, Harding 21. The game was played December 3, 1987. WRAL Sports provided extensive coverage on the day and night of the game. You’ll see a compilation of reports from the 6:00 and 11:00 newscast, plus a photo-essay by WRAL sports photographer Jay Jennings showing video of the game, locker room speech by Coach Hal Stewart, and the celebration after the game.
    Yes, Garner Football Coach and WRAL Sports Anchor Tom Suiter did have dinner at The Angus Barn! Watch the video to see why we mention that point.

  • WRAL Action News 5 snow storm coverage Jan 22 1987

    Action News 5 at 6:00 newscast on January 22, 1987. The “A” block is devoted to reports of snow in North Carolina and the problems caused by the inclement weather. Sports includes stories about Darrell Waltrip driving for Rick Hendrick, Duke and NC State basketball. Part of the last story, “Spirit of Carolina,” had to been cut short due to the corruption of video. (very old 3/4 inch tape format). Vintage commercials and promos are included in this posting.

  • WRAL-TVs 5:30 First News

    5:30 First Newscast. This edition aired on September 21, 1988. Donna Gregory was the news anchor. Rick Sullivan anchored sports. Meteorologist Greg Fishel provided weather information.

  • Premiere of the hour long Action News 5 newscast at 6pm

    WRAL-TV launched the hour long version of Action News 5 at 6:00PM on June 14, 1982. You will also see vintage commercials that aired during the newscast. WRAL News had been preparing for this moment for a couple of years. The preps ranged from a ramp-up of resources ranging from reporters, photographers, producers, to moving to newsroom/set. You will notice that Charlie Gaddy does not have a co-anchor at this point. Bobbie Battista, former co-anchor joined CNN in Atlanta in December, 1981. Adele Arakawa would join Charlie on March 14, 1983.
    The news department manager was Steve Grissom. The newscast was produced by Connie Lane and directed by Pam Parris -Allen.
    If you look closely at the end of the newscast, you can see a crowd of people at the back of the newsroom (left of the Action News 5 logo) standing in the shadows; they are huddled around a television set watching the premiere.
    *NOTE* You will notice several quick video break-ups during “The Money Desk” segment with reporter Tim Smith.

  • Tommy Suiter Come Back

    WRAL-TV Sports Anchor Tom Suiter returns to the newscast after missing almost a year of work after being diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, a voice disorder characterized by spasms of one or more muscles of the larynx. His returned on April 10, 1989.