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More Highlights for WILM-TV

  • Capitol Broadcasting Company and DISH Renew Multi-Year Retransmission Agreement

    Locally-owned and operated Capitol Broadcasting Company (CBC) announced today it has secured a long-term deal with DISH Network L.L.C. for retransmission of WRAL-TV, WRAZ-TV and WILM-TV in the Raleigh, N.C. and Wilmington, N.C. markets.  The deal was completed months in
  • WILM-TV Becomes Independent Station on January 1st

    More WRAL News, More Sports, and More Great Entertainment! WILM-TV will start the new year with a big change.  As the ball drops at midnight on January 1, 2017, WILM will go independent! So, what exactly is an Independent Station? 
  • WILM-TV Uses Digital Signage to Display Election Results

    Travelers along Wilmington’s busiest thoroughfares kept an eye on North Carolina’s gubernatorial race on Election Day powered by Capitol Broadcasting Company’s WILM-TV and New Media Group. On November 8, Fairway digital billboards in six Wilmington locations displayed the percentage of
  • WILM carries WRAL news

    WILM in Wilmington, NC is owned by Capitol Broacasting Company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. WILM is a CBS affiliate, as is WRAL. WRAL provides news coverage fo eastern North Carolina for WILM. This promo was produced in 2003.


    On December 3, 1999 Capitol Broadcasting Company (CBC) purchased WILM (then WSSN-TV). The next month, January
    2000, work began to build a brand new facility at a new location. Three months later, March 23, WILM signed on at the new facility and switched to the CBS network. This promo produced in 2003 announces the Atlantic Cable location, ch 10.