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More Highlights for Ann Devlin

  • NCSU 1983 Basketball Team Celebration at Reynolds

    The “Cardiac Pack,” or the “Cardiac Kids” or “Desting Darlings” or just plain Wolfpack, the 1983 NCSU basketball team celebrated their victory in Reynolds Coliseum after being crowned NCAA Basketball Champions in a buzzer beater victory over the University of Houston.

    WRAL Sports Anchor Tom Suiter and WRAL News Reporter Ann Devlin host the live coverage of the jubilation in Reynolds Coliseum on the campus of NC State. You’ll see legendary coach Jim Valvano and all the players step up to the microphone and thank their fans.

  • Premiere of the hour long Action News 5 newscast at 6pm

    WRAL-TV launched the hour long version of Action News 5 at 6:00PM on June 14, 1982. You will also see vintage commercials that aired during the newscast. WRAL News had been preparing for this moment for a couple of years. The preps ranged from a ramp-up of resources ranging from reporters, photographers, producers, to moving to newsroom/set. You will notice that Charlie Gaddy does not have a co-anchor at this point. Bobbie Battista, former co-anchor joined CNN in Atlanta in December, 1981. Adele Arakawa would join Charlie on March 14, 1983.
    The news department manager was Steve Grissom. The newscast was produced by Connie Lane and directed by Pam Parris -Allen.
    If you look closely at the end of the newscast, you can see a crowd of people at the back of the newsroom (left of the Action News 5 logo) standing in the shadows; they are huddled around a television set watching the premiere.
    *NOTE* You will notice several quick video break-ups during “The Money Desk” segment with reporter Tim Smith.