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More Highlights for NC Coast

  • Fran’s Fury

    WRAL News documents the devastation created by Hurricane Fran on the coast of NC and in Wake County. September 1996.

  • The Cape Light

    “The Cape Light” was the 1st documentary to be produced and air in HD. WRAL-TV News Anchor/Reporter Bill Leslie meets with people living at the coast as well as historians and environmentalists about the impact that beach erosion poses to threaten the historic lighthouse. Should the lighthouse be moved inland or find another method to control beach erosion that might cause the lighthouse to fall into the sea? Bill shares his findings in the documentary.

  • Tangled Lines

    WRAL-TV News Anchor/Reporter Bill Leslie examines the challenge facing commercial fishermen in the midst of governmental regulations and restrictions. Leslie also looks at the feud between commercial and recreational fishing.