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More Highlights for JD Lewis

  • JD Lewis meets with insurance executives

    WRAL host and executive JD Lewis meets with North Carolina Mutual Life leaders.

  • Teenage Frolics weekday edition August 1959

    WRAL dance program Teenage Frolics occasionally aired during the week. Although it was most often associated with J.D. Lewis, the show was hosted by others at times.

  • Memories of Fred Fletcher

    Memories of Fred Fletcher. This video features two programs edited together. The first video is “30 Minutes” hosted by WRAL News anchor Bill Leslie. The second video is “Q&A” hosted by WRAL News anchor David Crabtree.

    Fred, son of AJ Fletcher – founder of Capitol Broadcasting Company, helped launch WRAL-AM in 1939 and soon made a name for himself as the host of a daily talk show called “Tempus Fugit.” Fred would entertain, inform and hold forth with a cast of characters that included his most memorable persona –the lovable “Fairy Tale Man.” During every show Fred would transform into a master storyteller to read the classics from the Brothers Grimm. He was the proverbial one-man-band who created his own sound effects and made up the voices of all the characters. Listeners young and old loved it, and before long “Tempus Fugit” was the top-ranked show in its time period.

  • JD Lewis

    Lewis in his early days operating a camera for a WRAL-TV production.

  • JD Lewis presenting award

    Capitol Broadcasting executive and on-air host JD Lewis congratulating Ligon High School principal Henry Brown at event.

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