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More Highlights for Film - Video

  • One Day in North Carolina

    WRAL-TV is known nationwide for their award winning photographers. The documentary, “One Day in North Carolina,” specifically October 14, 1989, is a compilation of work by eight photographers who were picked to travel to various locations across North Carolina to chronical a day in the life of everyday people. No reporters; just photographers. The story unfolds through the lens of the camera.

    The photographers were Rick Armstrong, Mark Copeland, David Creech, Art Howard, Jay Jennings, Jody Kratz, Lori Lair, Bob Sadler.

    Field producers: Phyllis Parish and Susan Dahlin. Producer Peter Anlyan. Executive producer Susan Dahlin.

  • Dixie Classic carried on TV for first time

    WRAL-TV used its remote production unit to tape-record two Dixie Classic basketball games in February 1959. The unit is seen here as crowd leaves Reynolds Coliseum.

  • The Houston Fearless 16mm film processor

    WRAL-TV photographer O.B. Garris looks over the brand new processor that sped up the news department workflow immensely. The unit went into service summer 1958.

  • Early studio camera

    WRAL-TV veteran Clarence Williams running GE PE-250 camera in studio in 1972.

  • Filming the scene

    WRAL-TV film photographer Bob Sadler captures footage of bad accident aftermath.

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