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More Highlights for David Letterman

  • David Letterman promo LOVE SONGS

    David Letterman displays his unique sense of humor in this promo leading up to the launch of his new Late Show on CBS on August 30, 1993.

  • David Letterman Late Show promo

    David Letterman switched from NBC to CBS in 1993. The promo was produced during the lead up to his new Late Show. Note how prominent the CBS logo is behind Dave.

  • David Letterman promo

    This David Letterman promo was produced during the lead up to his new late night show on CBS in 1993. Dave, in his humorous way, shares his thoughts on smart women.

  • David Letterman promo YOUR TV FRIEND

    This promo was produced in 1993 leading up to the launch of Late Show with David Letterman on CBS. In this promo, Dave simply wants to be your “TV Friend.”

  • Letterman in London Trip Giveaway PROMO

    WRAL-TV and WRAL-FM teamed up to send two people to London to watch David Letterman present his show from the BBC studios in England, instead of his usual studio setting in NYC. Letterman made the switch from NBC to CBS in 1993, but in 1995 the ratings race between Letterman and Leno tightened to a slight lead for Dave. The change in venue did give the show a boost in the ratings. This promo was produced by WRAL Creative Services producer, Shelly Smith Leslie.